Meditation Garden

A place that is spiritually uplifting…for all seasons. T he vision guiding all improvements at Flint Cemetery is that it will be a park in which loved ones are interred.  Consistent with this vision the Trustees and Cemetery Advisory Committee have developed Flint into a premier community cemetery.


Memorial Wall Installation may 11, 2011 & Dedication 011

Meditation Garden

During the Flint Cemetery master planning process, an area was set aside for an outdoor feature.  With the aid of Steve Kolwicz of POD Design, the design of the feature was developed.  The Meditation Garden was completed and dedicated on June 12, 2011.

The Meditation Garden includes a place to sit and contemplate, eat lunch and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The  fountain millstone and those set at the entrance of the Meditation Garden were excavated from property that once belonged to Worthington’s Episcopal Church very likely occupied by Worthington’s first community mill.  The original New England settlers in Worthington at first traveled many miles south down the rivers to Chillicothe to have their wheat ground into flour for their daily bread.  The first mill in Worthington gave the settlement a sense of community and permanence.

Memorial Wall Installation may 11, 2011 & Dedication 012

Millstone Fountain

 With the increase of cremation and individuals deciding to scatter the ashes elsewhere, the community asked for a place to memorialize their loved ones.  The Trustees commissioned a local artist by the name of George Arensberg to create a special place for memorialization.  George painstakingly designed and hand etched a dogwood tree that reflects all the seasons of the year.  From spring, summer, fall and winter; the tree shows the progression of time symbolizing the seasons of life.  Please take a look at this beautiful piece of art and let us know if you would like to memorialize your special someone on the Memorial Wall.

The Staff, Trustees and Advisory Committee of Flint Cemetery have conceived and built the Meditation Garden hoping that the community will enjoy the tranquil surroundings of the cemetery and that it will indeed be a place that is spiritually uplifting…for all seasons.