Gardner Property


The Cemetery Board of Trustees and Staff are very excited about the recent purchase of the historic Ozem Gardner property located at 8221 Flint Road.  The Cemetery – in its long term strategic plan – always envisioned having a main building to better service our future families and the community.

The Gardner Homestead will provide a cost effective way to provide services to the community as well as offer much needed space for storage of tools and equipment.  When renovated, the home will be the future office for Flint Cemetery.

This is a long term project.  The Cemetery Board of Trustees is in the process of analyzing all aspects of the house, outbuildings and the property as a whole and are working on development of a plan for its future.  The Cemetery Board will also work with the Flint community and other stakeholders to ensure that proper funding is in place to achieve the desired results for the property.

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