Burial Spaces

Columbarium Spaces
In 1997, Walnut Grove Cemetery had three new Columbarium units installed along the south border of the property. Each unitcontains 40 niches for cremation urns adding a total of 120 new spaces to the cemetery.
Cremation Burial Spaces
There are currently Cremation Burial lots available in Walnut Grove Cemetery. There are also lots available for cremation monuments such as benches or urns in certain sections of the cemetery. Creamation lots will be included in the Flint Cemetery expansion.
Flint Cemetery Burial Spaces
Flint Cemetery Burial Spaces Historic Flint Cemetery located about 1 mile north of I -270 on Flint road. has many available burial lots. There are also plans to develop the land adjacent to the cemetery. Please visit the Flint Expansion link for more information.