Vision & Mission



The Walnut Grove and Flint Union Cemeteries provide places that are respectful of the passing of life as well as its continuation, a peaceful environment in which persons may grieve, meditate and be renewed, and a staff that provides high quality cemetery services.


  1. Provide a park-like setting in which people have their final resting place and also provide a place for citizens to pursue appropriate community activity.
  2.  Develop and follow a long-term maintenance plan and identify resources needed to carry out the plan.
  3. Study social, economic, and cultural trends and revise policies as appropriate.
  4. Provide training opportunities for staff and board members to be aware of the latest developments in cemetery operations. 
  5. Assist people with their genealogy searches.
  6.  Provide highest quality cemetery services.
  7. Continue development of the Flint Cemetery property in accordance with the master plan.
  8. Maintain a volunteer citizen organization.