Rules & Regulations

Planting of trees and shrubbery is permitted, but must be approved by the Cemetery Superintendent. Any planting may be removed if deemed unsightly, a nuisance, a hazard, or if plantings are infringing upon other grave spaces. The cemetery reserves the right to remove any planting at any time it deems necessary.

Flowers are permitted to be planted around monuments if there is space. It is suggested that a bed be prepared in which to plant them. Due to maintenance issues, flowers planted in the grass will be mowed over when the grass becomes overgrown. Cut flowers are permitted in vases. Due to safety concerns, no glass containers are permitted and will be removed and disposed of immediately. Planting of flowers and use of mulch over entire grave space is permitted for one year after an interment.  To allow for the settling of soil after an interment, seeding of graves will be done in the spring one year after the interment.

Grave blankets and wreaths are permitted from November 30th to March 1st. Any decorations left on graves after March 1st will be removed and disposed of by Cemetery Personnel. No artificial decorations are permitted. Non-approved decorations will be removed by the Cemetery Superintendent.  (One way to decide whether a decoration is permitted – if it has roots or has had roots, it is allowed!  If not, it is not allowed, and will be removed.)

Number of Monuments Number of Monuments:   A maximum of two (2) monuments will be allowed on any one (1) grave space.

Companion Monuments – A companion monument (any monument centered on one or more grave spaces with two or more names on it) will be considered one monument for each grave space it was designed to mark. Maximum length of companion monument is six (6) feet in length, fourteen (14) inches in width and five (5) feet in height.

Foot Stones The second monument will be considered a foot stone, whether the name is the same or not. The top of the stone must be level with the ground (considered a flush marker). The size of the foot stone cannot be larger than 28 inches in length by 14 inches in width.

Single Grave Monument – Monuments for single grave spaces are not to exceed three (3) feet in length and fourteen (14) inches in width and five (5) feet in height. Persons owning more than one grave space, but using individual monuments at the head of each grave space will be restricted to these sizes.

Veterans Monuments – Veterans monuments that are supplied by the VA will be placed at the head of the grave unless there is another monument marking the space.  If a veteran purchases another monument for their space, the VA monument will be moved to the foot of the grave and will be considered the second monument for the space.  All VA monuments must be flush if they are to be put at the foot of the grave. Out of appreciation for the service of the veteran, the Cemetery provides a 4” backer/foundation and installation of the VA monument at no cost to the veteran.


Niche Engraving

Each niche front may contain the name and dates of no more than two (2) persons. A one-inch border on all four sides of each niche front must be left undisturbed. A drawing of all engraving must be submitted to the Cemetery for approval before engraving will be allowed. If fronts need to be removed from the Cemetery for engraving a security deposit in an amount equal to the replacement cost of the fronts and any engraving or etching previously done on the front must be given to the Cemetery Superintendent or Cemetery Clerk before removal. Drilling or attachment of any kind to niche fronts is not permissible.

Decorating – Decorating of niche fronts is not permissible. Live flowers may be used in designated areas only. Please check with Cemetery personnel for appropriate areas. No artificial decorations are permitted.

Urn Type – All Urns must be made of a non-biodegradable material and may not exceed 11″ in height, width, or depth.

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